Unify your omni-channel customer experience


Start by upgrading your mobile app to an omni-channel passport that develops Affiniti Profiles™ when customers swipe, tap, snap, share or click. Affiniti Manager™ then empowers marketers and customer experience professionals to turn those swipes, taps, snaps, shares and clicks into relationship building moments that inspire your customers — at digital scale.

Relationships grow in the moments.

Every moment in which your brand can make your customer feel special and valued is a precious asset that can help your business for years to come. When a customer walks into your store, visits you online, calls customer service, tells a friend about you, attends a sponsored event or has a question for your staff there is an opportunity to create these precious moments.

AffinitiQuest.io helps consumer brands orchestrate relationship building moments with their customers at digital scale.

Consumer brands that strive to achieve a seamless customer experience full of moments that inspire will create higher levels of brand affinity that will help drive business success across the organization.

Moments that go above and beyond


Know more about your customers than ever before by capturing new types of customer data with Affiniti Profiles™. Go beyond personalization and create digital experiences that inspire individual customers in new and innovative ways.

Seamless experiences

Transform your mobile application into an omni-channel passport that uses Affiniti Profiles™ to power the digital moments your customers crave every time they swipe, tap, snap, share or click without requiring them to sign-up or sign-in.

with a Human Touch

Build strong, long-lasting and trustworthy relationships that evolve seamlessly alongside each customer's unique behavior and preferences. As the relationship grows, so do the possibilities for your digital properties and for your frontline workers to make the customer feel even more special and valued.

Omni-channel customer experiences are very difficult to build

"The sheer complexity of CX
has proved daunting."

"Marketers know they have trouble getting control
of the information they need to connect with
customers in meaningful ways.”

Introducing AffinitiQuest.io

AffinitiQuest.io provides easy-to-use cloud-based software to help consumer brands build better relationships with their customers. Our solutions empower marketing and customer experience professionals to orchestrate the business processes, marketing technology and digital touchpoints required for frontline workers to enhance every moment of the customer experience.


  • Enjoy hyper-personalized moments at every digital touch-point.
  • Experience seamless interactions without signup or login.
  • Own and control access to private information.


  • Understand customers better than ever before.
  • Enhance each moment of the customer experience with ease.
  • Drive adoption and engagement for customer experience initiatives.

A revolutionary approach to privacy and security.

At AffinitiQuest.io, we think differently about how customer data is optimally used and how it is protected.

AffinitiQuest.io's patent-pending technology can help you know your customer better, without knowing who they are in a manner that aligns with the fundamental principles of privacy.

For consumer brands this can represent a more sustainable approach to safeguarding customer information in accordance with evolving privacy legislation and can help to reduce security risk.

Are you ready to reimagine every moment

We provide solutions for consumer brands to build better
relationships with their customers in the following sectors.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Travel and Hospitality

Media and Entertainment

Loyalty Programs

Every moment matters.

Consumer preferences have never been more diverse
and their expectations have never been higher.

Every company is
an experience company.

Every moment can differentiate your brand from the competition.

Purpose is the
new position.

Every moment can enhance the value you add to your customers lives.

Privacy is

Every moment can help build trust with your customer.

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