The enterprise platform for Digital Credentials.

The AffinitiQuest SaaS Platform makes it easy for organizations to leverage Digital Credentials to transform legacy and cloud services into modern, digital first services that are more convenient, private, and secure using W3C Verifiable Credentials and ISO mDocs.

Digital Credentials are the catalyst in empowering Governments, Businesses and Citizens to exchange trusted information online and 
in-person using privacy preserving open standards including W3C Verifiable Credentials and ISO mDocs.

Move forward
with Confidence.

Our products simplify the integration of Decentralized Identity and Digital Credentials into existing apps, infrastructure, business processes, and digital touchpoints to help you reach your digital transformation goals.

Rapid Integrations

Transform your digital services quickly and accelerate digital business transformation with easy integrations using configuration tools, pre-built components, and full REST API access.

Powerful Management

Empower your IT and Business teams to develop and manage new digital services with Decentralized Identity and Digital Credentials without having to master the complex underlying technology.

Open and Interoperable

Collaborate with your ecosystem and develop new ways of conducting business using Digital Credentials using open standards including W3C Verifiable Credentials and ISO mDocs.

Accelerate Adoption

Delight your users with services that use Digital Credentials to enable the inclusive and convenient digital experiences they want to use.

Strong Governance

Achieve compliance with applicable frameworks for accessibility, cybersecurity, inclusivity, interoperability, language, industry regulation and technology standards.


Establish an enterprise grade Digital Credential solution that is scalable, secure, and technology agnostic to meet your evolving business requirements.

Unparalled Suite of

Our Software-as-a-Service provides organizations with the implementation and management tools required to transform their business with Digital Credentials in an intuitive and business user friendly manner.

Issuance GUI 1
For enterprises seeking to issue and manage high-assurance digital credentials and verifiable information.
Verification GUI 1
For enterprises seeking to verify high-assurance digital credentials and verifiable information issued by their own organization or another organization within their ecosystem.
Wallet GUI 1
Digital Wallet SDK
For enterprises seeking to enhance the service experience for citizens or customers by embedding a white-label digital wallet in iOS and mobile applications.

Why embrace Digital Credentials?

Decentralized Identity and Digital Credentials enable organizations to improve their service experience, streamline operations and protect sensitive information. Seamless, interoperable identity management across multi-party business processes reduces friction for users, enhancing the digital experience and supporting better business results.


Your Business

Make it possible to easily and quickly issue and verify trusted identifies and information, automating multi-party business processes.

Delight Users with Easy 

to Use Digital Services

Boost user satisfaction with accessible, convenient and inclusive services, whether online or in-person.

Deploy Lightweight

Business Processes

Turn outdated manual and online processes into modern digital services for seamless customer adoption, saving your organization time and resources.

Protect Privacy and Reduce Security Risk

Give users ownership of and control over their information to safeguard privacy and minimize security risks to your organization.

You operate in an ecosystem.

Your technology should too!

Everyone benefits when governments and enterprises use digital credentials to securely exchange information. Open and interoperable digital credentials make collaboration within ecosystems more efficient by enabling automated, multi-party processes that support more convenient, private and secure digital services for citizens and customers.

Digital Government

Offer accessible, convenient, and inclusive digital first services to citizens.

Digital Travel

Improve the traveller experience with smoother movement across secure borders.

Digital Trade

Increase assurance and automate supply chain operations.

Digital Finance

Enable open banking with secure, compliant and efficient financial transactions.

Digital Health

Elevate healthcare service delivery and improve patient outcomes.

Digital Governance

Build trust in governance bodies.

Digital Loyalty

Inspire customer loyalty and engagement.

Digital Workforce

Streamline identity lifecycle management and compliance for employees, partners and contractors.

Digital Government
Digital Travel
Digital Trade
Digital Finance
Digital Health
Digital Governance
Digital Loyalty
Digital Workforce

Covering your compliance needs, no questions asked.

We collaborate with leading Canadian and International standards and compliance bodies to maintain our products in accordance with governmental regulations and industry standards, ensuring the highest levels of security and interoperability.

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