With AffinitiQuest, you can realize the benefits of digital credentials today and efficiently meet your future business needs through our sustainable management platform.

AQ Digital Credential
Orchestration Platform

Our products are designed to meet the needs of enterprise organizations seeking to elevate user experience and automate multi-party business processes using Digital Credentials in Digital Wallets. 


For enterprises seeking to verify high-assurance digital credentials and verifiable information issued by the organization itself or other organizations within its ecosystem.

Credential Designer

Design and configure digital credentials to be issued by your organization quickly and easily.

Issuance Touchpoints

Enable your existing business systems to issue digital credentials online and in-person.

Lifecycle Management

Issue, re-issue, expire and revoke digital credentials in line with your business rules.


For enterprise organizations seeking to Verify high assurance Digital Credentials and verifiable information issued by your own or other organizations within your ecosystem.
Credential Discovery

Determine which high-assurance digital credentials can help you automate multi-party business processes.

Trust Management

Decide which issuers your organization trusts and quickly integrate their digital credentials into your business processes.

Verification Touchpoints

Enable websites, mobile apps, web portals, in-person kiosks and devices to quickly and easily verify digital credentials.

Digital Wallet SDK

For enterprises seeking to improve their user
experience by embedding a digital wallet in a
new or existing mobile app.

White-label and drop-in ready

Use our no-code/low-code tools to rapidly embed a digital wallet in your application.


Unify deployment and management of a digital wallet in iOS and Android mobile apps.

Selective disclosure

Empower users to choose what information they share with you and other organizations in your ecosystem.

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Our design principles empower Governments and businesses to meet current and future business requirements using Digital Credentials.  Our products are designed with the following principles in mind.
Powerful Management

Imagine how your business and ecosystem will change when trusted identities and information can be quickly and easily issued and verified by multiple parties.

Rapid Integrations

Transform your digital services quickly and easily using configuration tools, pre-built components and full REST API access.

Open Interoperability

Collaborate with your ecosystem and develop new ways of conducting business using Digital Credentials using open standards including W3C Verifiable Credentials and ISO mDocs.

Fast Adoption

Delight your users with inclusive and convenient digital experiences, maximizing the business benefits of Digital Credentials.

Strong Governance

Achieve compliance with applicable frameworks for accessibility, cybersecurity, inclusivity, interoperability, language, industry regulation and technology standards effortlessly with Digital Credentials.


Establish an enterprise grade Digital Credential solution that is scalable, secure, and technology agnostic to meet your evolving business requirements.

Open Standards & Interoperability

While the foundational technologies, underlying protocols and open standards for Decentralized Identity and Digital Credentials evolve, with AffinitiQuest, your solution doesn’t need to.

We partner with leading organizations to deliver measurable business results and help ensure client success.
AffinitiQuest’s platform is technology agnostic and we maintain our products in accordance with Canadian and International standards, so that you don’t have to.

Covering your compliance needs, no questions asked.

We collaborate with leading Canadian and International standards and compliance bodies to maintain our products in accordance with governmental regulations and industry standards, ensuring the highest levels of security and interoperability.

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Learn how Verifiable Credentials can drive measurable business results for your organization.

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