June 28, 2023

Digital Governance Council features AffinitiQuest in Digital Credentials Case Study

Read the full case study on the DGC website.

The Digital Governance Council (DGC, is Canada’s only national body for delivering a coordinated national approach to digital governance. DGC Members include some of Canada’s largest enterprises across sectors including Financial Services, Technology solution providers and Public Sector institutions.

In 2023, the Standards Council of Canada’s flagship initiative to develop an accreditation program for the certification of digital credential and digital trust services reached a milestone with the publication of the National Technical Specification for Digital Credential and Digital Trust Services (DGSI/TS 115). Following the publication of this new standard AffinitiQuest and DGC began collaborating to demonstrate leadership and showcase verifiable credentials by issuing a Digital Membership Card to DGC’s membership of over 200 technology executives and influencers across Canada.



"...paves the way toward a future where Canadians use digital credentials as part of every digital interaction..."

The combination of the AffinitiQuest Digital Experience Orchestration Platform, Microsoft Entra Verified ID and the Microsoft Authenticator met DGC’s desire to have an inclusive, ‘out-of-the-box’, standards-based solution.

The solution will enable DGC members to access protected content at and positions the DGC to achieve its objective of helping its members better understand this new technology and its potential impact. Going forward, the DGC will explore ways in which verifiable credentials can play a role in the accreditation of a future digital trust conformity assessment and certification program.

Read the full case study on the DGC’s website.