AffinitiQuest qualifies to sell directly to the Government of Canada under the Pathway to Commercialization

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AffinitiQuest is pleased to announce its qualification under the Government of Canada’s Pathway to Commercialization program to sell its leading Digital Credential Orchestration Platform directly to all Government of Canada departments and agencies. This award results from AffinitiQuest’s successful completion of the Innovative Solutions Canada Testing Stream program conducted with the Treasury Board of Canada and Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada.

The Pathway to Commercialization program provides the procurement vehicle for all Government of Canada Departments and Agencies to contract directly with AffinitiQuest, without further competition, for a period of three years, for purchases of up to $8 Million per contract.

The Prime Minister’s mandate letter to the newly appointed Minister of Citizens’ Services stressed the need to drive the digitalization of government services, with particular emphasis on accelerating and expanding the use of the Canadian Digital Service across government. In fulfilling this mandate, solutions must be secure and privacy protecting so that Canadians can own and control their own data. Government services must also work in both a traditional and digital manner so that Canadians have choice. Cooperation between all levels of government in Canada and internationally is required to ensure interoperable technologies are developed to ensure a satisfactory user experience.

Digital Credential technologies form an integral part of the technological foundation required to fulfill this mandate. AffinitiQuest’s Orchestration Platform abstracts the complexity from the underlying technologies and allows business users to quickly evaluate and implement solutions that provide secure, private and cost-effective digital services for Canadians. AffinitiQuest’s platform is currently being tested in several government departments and agencies, both federal and municipal. In addition, our software’s interoperability is being tested both with European and American implementations.

“We are very excited to have qualified for the Pathway to Commercialization program providing us the opportunity to sell directly to Government of Canada departments and agencies, thereby significantly reducing the time required to implement solutions and help achieve the Prime Minister’s mandate. Our success has been attributable to the commitment of our staff and to the working relationships we have developed with equally committed and dedicated government representatives. We look forward to continuing our work together and assisting in the Government of Canada being recognized internationally for the quality of its digital service offerings and their ready acceptance by Canadians,” said Ron Mac Donell, CEO and Founder of AffinitiQuest.

About AffinitiQuest

AffinitiQuest delivers a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that enables the Issuance and Verification of high assurance Digital Credentials prioritizing the accessibility, inclusivity, interoperability, user experience, privacy and security. Our software helps Government and Commercial organizations to modernize digital service delivery for citizens, clients and employees by orchestrating seamless digital experiences that delight users with convenience and privacy. AffinitiQuest’s turnkey approach accelerates the implementation of digital business transformations by streamlining internal workflows and automating multi-party business processes.

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