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Digital Credentials Support a Trusted Digital Economy.

Digital Identity and Digital Credentials are leading-edge technologies that are helping to transform the internet by increasing Digital Trust. An increased level of Digital Trust will enable more digital commerce, resulting in a robust digital economy.

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Digital Trust Benefits Everyone.

Digital Credentials create Digital Trust, making the internet a more accessible, convenient, inclusive and safer environment for everyone. Digital Credentials empower Public and Private sector organizations to transform hundreds of everyday tasks such as applying for a job, opening a bank account, shopping, travelling or starting a business.

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Achieve your Digital Mandate.

Digital Credentials enable Public Sector organizations to offer better digital experiences to citizens. They increase operational efficiency by empowering digitally native business processes that can generate cost-savings by consolidating legacy systems and automating paper-based processes.

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Government Plays an Important Role.

Governments play a pivotal role in establishing trust throughout society as issuers of traditional credentials such as a driver’s license, passport, permits or business licenses that are relied upon by other Public and Private Sector participants. Organizations such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) have developed technology standards that represent an opportunity for Government organizations to issue digitally native credentials.

  • Delight Citizens

    Give citizens the ability to interact with all levels of Government through easy-to-use Digital Services that are more convenient, more secure and protect Privacy in a revolutionary new way.

  • Accelerate Digital Mandates

    Achieve your digital mandate objectives by adopting Digital Credentials as a foundational approach to a modern, secure and trusted digital Government.

  • Increase Inclusivity

    Offer more choice in how citizens interact with the Government through simplified digital service options designed with everyone in mind, including those with limited access to technology and internet connectivity.

  • Improve Cost-Efficiency

    Implement digital service initiatives designed to align better services for Citizens that, in tandem, automate manual business processes using Digital Credentials.

  • Enhance Accessibility

    Ensure all citizens can take advantage of simplified digital services that allow you to participate in the Digital Economy regardless of your accessibility needs.

  • Facilitate Collaboration

    Facilitate collaboration throughout society by using Digital Credentials to simplify and secure the way information is exchanged between the Public Sector, Private Sector and individuals at home and abroad.

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Transform using credentials that are digitally native.

Example use cases for Public Sector include:

  • Government ID

    • Driver’s License
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Health Card
    • Passport
    • Business License
  • Digital Documents

    • University Degree
    • Professional Skills Certification
    • Vaccine Passport
    • Supply Chain
    • Proof of Insurance
  • Digital Identity

    • Secure password-less access
    • Fast remote onboarding
    • Multi-agency collaboration
    • User account consolidation
    • Self-service & recovery

The scope of citizen digital identity used to cover mostly online authentication and electronic signatures (eID) in interactions with the government. But the scope and needs for digital identity is quickly expanding beyond those boundaries.

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Digital Credentials delight citizens and drive business results for Public Sector organizations.

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