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Elevate your Omnichannel Strategy.

Re-imagining digital experiences using Verifiable Credentials can help you build better and more trusted relationships at a digital scale with more customers that engage more often.

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Hyper-personalize to Increase Engagement and Lower Churn.

Verifiable Credentials can help your organization collect new customer data that fuels hyper-personal moments that surprise and delight customers. The best part? No logins, no passwords and no accounts required can help increase engagement and lower churn.

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The Mobile Device is the Omnichannel Device.

A successful omnichannel strategy relies on using the right data, about the right customer, at the right time, anywhere the customer chooses to engage. When customers own and control their own data on their mobile devices, data is always at the right place at the right time.

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Unify Digital and Physical Channels Seamlessly.

Verifiable Credentials enable you to meet your customers at the "edge" and bridge the gap between digital and physical channels. Data exchange through edge devices simplifies the collection, storage and sharing of data in a seamless and just-in-time manner with a simple swipe, snap, tap or click.

  • Customer Engagement

    Serve customers with login-less and personalized Digital Experiences that are easy for customers to engage whenever they swipe, tap, snap or click.

  • Accelerate Innovation

    Empower your Customer Experience professionals with the ability to create the latest Digital Experiences quickly and easily without the burdens of data silos and complex IT integrations.

  • Customer Intelligence

    Gain previously unattainable insights and business intelligence through increased visibility into customer behavior across online, offline, and in-store channels.

  • Unify Channels

    Enhance your mobile apps and digital touchpoints to deliver consistent Digital Experiences online, offline and across third party channels.

  • Build Trust

    Protect your customers' privacy by giving them ownership and control of their data and trust them to share it with your organization anywhere in a simple, safe and secure manner.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Leverage Decentralized Identities to minimize sensitive customer data storage that if breached, can tarnish your business and reputation.

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Elevate your omnichannel strategy

Example use cases for Consumer-facing Enterprises include:

  • Retail Experience

    • Make the store ‘clickable’
    • Hyper-personalization
    • Digital receipts
    • Modern loyalty program
    • Cross-brand partnerships
  • Travel

    • Digital itinerary
    • Modern loyalty program
    • Travel documentation
    • Cross-selling
    • Customer preferences
  • Financial Services

    • Self-service
    • KYC / AML
    • Identity proofing
    • Fraud prevention
    • Digital documentation

Devoted customers will pay 50% to 200% more to stay with your brand. Inspiring and maintaining such loyalty requires your organization to master the discipline of customer experience (CX), which necessitates a shift from the “quick fix” mentality to a continuous transformational effort.


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Verifiable Credentials can help you delight customers and drive measurable business success.

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