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Increase Productivity, Enhance Security and Streamline Compliance for Your Workforce.

Increasing workforce productivity is imperative to the success of every enterprise. Verifiable Credentials can help you easily establish Verified Identities (Verified ID) for employees, contractors and partners using Microsoft Entra Verified ID. Verified IDs are designed to meet the needs of your organization as you seek to implement digital practices that increase operational efficiency, enhance security and streamline compliance practices.

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Fast Remote Onboarding so Workers can get Started Right Away.

Verified IDs for workers can help them prove they have the right skills, qualifications, permissions or authority to access applications, secure physical locations or conduct regulated work subject to these requirements. When nurses arrive at a hospital, contractors arrive on the job site or an individual needs access to sensitive systems and infrastructure, Verified IDs can help streamline legacy processes for identity verification and proofing that often cause costly delays and leave workers sidelined.

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Secure Access to Sensitive Apps, Resources and Regulated Work.

Verified IDs add a digitally native trusted authentication mechanism that can enhance security to sensitive applications, high-value resources and restricted areas. They can help to provide more granular information about a given worker to meet the security and compliance needs of workforces subject to industry regulations.

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Simplify Work with Business Partners, Contractors and Suppliers.

Managing external user access to your applications, resources and places represents a unique challenge. Verified IDs can help your organization simplify the management of external users by making it easier to establish trust between organizations and reducing the burden of managing external user lifecycles.

  • Build your Ecosystem

    Collaborate with business partners and other organizations to establish a standardized digital approach across your ecosystem to issue and verify trusted credentials.

  • Automate Credential Verification

    Verify skills, certifications or authorizations to set workers up faster with access to apps and infrastructure.

  • Accelerate Onboarding

    Use Microsoft Entra Verified ID to enable your workforce with trusted self-service enrolment and easier ways to establish their credentials on the spot.

  • Secure Access

    Use Microsoft Entra Verified ID to access sensitive enterprise applications.

  • Streamline Compliance

    Automate regulatory compliance procedures using digital credentials to provide tracking and reporting on users accessing apps, physical locations and sensitive infrastructure.

  • Simplify Self-Service

    Trust your Workforce with self-managed Account Recovery without having to submit a support ticket using Microsoft Entra Verified ID.

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Example use cases for Workforce include:

  • Certifications

    • Accreditations
    • Proof of Education
    • Operator Licenses
    • Safety Certifications
    • Regulated Work
  • Digital Documents

    • Business License
    • Proof of Insurance
    • Asset Ownership
    • Authorization
    • Audit Requirements
  • Identity & Access

    • Account Onboarding
    • Secure Access
    • Identity Proofing
    • Account Recovery
    • Regulated Access

By allowing the individuals true ownership of their digital identity, Decentralized Identity architectures abate the privacy concerns for individuals and security challenges for enterprises.

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Verifiable Credentials can help your workforce get work done faster and enhance corporate security.

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